Business Model & Strategy

Delivering the economic engine to support industrialisation & urbanisation

As the developer of Gopalpur Industrial Park, we are in the process of transforming 3,000 Acres of raw land into sustainable urban and industrial developments and delivering the economic engine for growth.
Over the last 5 years, Tata Steel Special Economic Zone Limited has acquired broad experience in the conceptualisation and development of large-scale integrated urban development comprising Gopalpur Industrial Park which includes business, commercial and residential spaces.
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Our Strategy

  • Transform raw land into self-sufficient urban developments and delivering the economic engine to support industrialisation and urbanisation.
  • Build on strong brand name to attract high-quality local and international investments.
  • Enhance value of Gopalpur Industrial Park Land, such as through the development of commercial and residential real estate.

Our Business Model

1. Land Developer

In addition to transforming raw land into urban development, we also undertake international investment promotion to bring direct investments to our projects through comprehensive industry positioning. As a land developer, this allows us to control the quality of investments and sales of prepared land plots for industrial, commercial and residential use.

2. Real Estate Developer

We also undertake property development selectively within our urban developments. We develop industrial properties such as ready-built factories, built-to-specification industrial offices and warehouses. There are also commercial buildings for office or retail uses and residential developments.

3. Utilities Provider

We also provide utilities and services ranging from thermal and renewable energy, potable and industrial wastewater, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment to solid waste management to the unit holders of Gopalpur Industrial Park.