Multimodal Logistics Connectivity

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By Road

Gopalpur Industrial Park is located on National Highway 16 that connects two large metropolitan cities of India, Kolkata and Chennai. It is located 170 km from Bhubaneswar and 280 km from Visakhapatnam.

By Air

The industrial park is located at 170 km from Bhubaneswar International Airport and 240 km from Visakapatnam International Airport. Additionally, an operational Airstrip exists at 4 km from the park. The State Govt. of Odisha is planning to develop the Airstrip into a mini Airport in near future.

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By Rail

Gopalpur Industrial Park is well connected with a broad-gauge rail network that connects eastern and southern parts of India. Berhampur railway station, one of the busiest railway stations in the region, is located at 24 km from the park. Other railway stations such as Chhatrapur and Jagannathpur are located at 7 km and 5 km respectively.

By Sea

Gopalpur Port, an operational port, is located at just 14 km from the park. Gopalpur Industrial Park with the help of IPICOL is planning to develop a road corridor to the port thereby reducing the distance to 4 km. The distance of the nearby operational ports to the Industrial Park is as follows:

Nearest Domestic Port Distance from Gopalpur Industrial Park
Visakhapatnam Port 292 Kms / 220 nautical miles
Gangavaram Port 315 Kms / 385 nautical miles
Paradip Port 271 Kms / 185 nautical miles

Distance to the nearest international ports is as follows:

Nearest International Port Distance from Gopalpur Industrial Park
Shenzhen (CHN) 3,738 nautical miles
Kaohsiung (TAI) 4,024 nautical miles
Osaka (JAP) 5,300 nautical miles
Port of Busan (KOR) 5,059 nautical miles
Singapore (SGP) 1,923 nautical miles
Port Klang (MYS) 1,692 nautical miles